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Friday, 5 August 2016


WARNING: Becoming a proofreader entails HARD WORK and TOTAL DEDICATION.

Are you one of those people struggling to make a living online?

Don't be afraid to answer YES if you are among those looking for legitimate ways to earn money online as that is about to are about to become part of something that truly works, something that will truly change your life for years to come if you will read and apply everything we will be showing you from here onward....WELCOME

There are a lot of scam websites online promising you great riches over night when you work for them as a freelancer, be it from form filling jobs, ad posting jobs, proofreading jobs, etc but the truth is, these guys are either out there to rip you off your hard-earned money by asking you to pay a fee( I have fallen victim to this scam once, so I write from experience.) before you can get access to their data base and when you pay, they end up paying you peanut at the end of the month or they won’t pay you at all for your hard work.

Before we dig in, I don’t want you to have an impression that what I shall be revealing will start making money for you right of the bat-NO, it’s gonna cost you HARD WORK AND DEDICATION… so If you are looking for get rich quick scheme, I will recommend you to look elsewhere...

What i will be showing you is very far from it. Here, i will show you how you can get the proofreading jobs and other hot selling freelance jobs( included in the complete guide ) and keep all the money for yourself…yes you heard that right and what i will be showing you is tried and tested and is 100% working.
The technique requires you MUST be fully COMMITTED and willing to put in 100% HARD WORK as this is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME or any other show put up to swindle you off your money---NO!. Here you must work.

To make money as a proofreader online means you will need to be interested in reading written words, expand your knowledge base reading so many materials and resources, understand several writing styles, pay keen attention to details i.e.; being able to look at given text carefully, spot wrong spellings, punctuation, grammatical error, consistency in language usage, language structures and be able to understand the information the writer is trying to pass across.
To become a proofreader requires great ability to focus. Staying focus is the only way you can get a job done with minimal error and likewise make consistent money. That is the first key to success here. 

As a proofreader, you have access to proofread for content marketers, entrepreneurs, business documents, bloggers, authors, students, legal documents and website owners just to mention a few.


When reading some article or a website content online, you will notice there are inconsistencies both in grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you have come across such then you will agree with me that a proofreader is required to make your content full proof…


  • Acquire the necessary expertise: you should enjoy reading several forms of writing. Reading and acquiring knowledge in broad range of subject is what you need now. Hone your skills; you can consider joining a group such as the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). This association provides advice to those who work with words in any form. You can also take online classes at and You can also consider; The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) in United Kingdom and The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) in United States of America. But i must warn you that these course do not come cheap but if you have the money, go ahead as it will not only boost your knowledge base but also your profile as a proofreader.
  • Familiarize yourself with several style guides: while online classes can give you a foundation, most of the client you will be working with adopts established style guide or create their own in-house guide. At least, you should become familiar with AP style guide used by most online news agencies and many websites, the yahoo style guide used by many other businesses with a web presence. Other style book guide includes; The Chicago Manual of Style, The New York Times Manual of Style and the AMA Manual of Style. You can also read ‘The Elements of Style’ by William Strunk and E.B White. You should have dictionary with thesaurus within reach even when you can check them up online. You can also go to and read about the five features of effective writing by Kathleen Cali and Kim Bowen as this will also boost your art of proofreading.
  • Practice: while developing your love for reading, look at each word you read with a critical eye. By doing so, you will improve in the act of spotting errors in grammar, spellings, punctuation and word usage. Practicing will make sure minimal mistakes as you proofread.
  • Dominate a niche: in dominating a niche, you should specialize or dominate in those areas that interests you, build your relevance around those niche and concentrate your efforts in those areas. As you specialize yourself in those areas of your interest, you may need to gain other skills in some other areas as it boosts your profile and professionalism. Example; your area of interest might be in proofreading legal documents, you must be able to combine it with proofreading website contents and marketing contents of internet marketers and so forth.
  • Build a website: offering your services in your given niche while at the same time driving traffic to your website, you are also offering jobs for people looking for proof reading jobs. In the ‘how to make money section, I shall be revealing to you how to get more jobs for your employees……read this line again and think on it because that is where the secret lies.
  • Get the necessary tools: Although these tools are awesome, it is always professional to proofread a given text manually after using these tools. One of my favorite i love using is,but you can also try out, You should also become familiar with track changes editing tool in your ms word and finally, you need to have a computer with a reliable internet connection.
  • Set your price: you can charge for your services by per page or by 1000 words, it all depends on you. Whatever price you choose, you must make sure that you posses the skills to complete any job offer.
  • On time delivery: if you land a job and promised the client to deliver the job in 24 hours, you should make sure to deliver in that time range as anything short of it will be tantamount to you loosing clients and having a bad reputation as a proofreader.

Having known now the per-requisite of becoming a professional proofreader, it is time to find out the three most important thing to do  when you are doing your first proofreading of a material.... 

  • Select a place that should serve as your proofreading office. Basically the place needs to be quite for maximum concentration
  • Understand the general direction of the script and what message the author intends to convey to his readers. Through careful reading and re-reading, you should be able to understand what the author is saying.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words before looking for mistakes.
  • After the first proofreading, be sure to go on a 15 minutes break before proofreading it again as it will help you spot mistakes you were not able to see before.

  Things you should do when doing your  second and your final proofreading

  • For more convenience, work from a print out copy.
  • Read it out to yourself as it will help you recognize wrong sentences..
  • Edit any error found immediately. Don’t read the text before you edit.
  • After using proofreading tools, make sure to always read your script one more time.

There you have it, if you can follow all that i have shown above, you should be able to be a professional proofreader in no time....that is if you follow them to the letter. Having shown you what you need to become effective as a proofreader, your next step is to order for my detailed complete step by step guide which will reveal everything you need to know on how you will make monthly income consistently online with these proven system.


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